Why myresQR?

In cases of medical emergencies like road accidents, cardiac arrests, poisoning or animal attacks the victim is usually left traumatized and is unable to comprehend his surroundings and hence, respond.

Belongings like mobile phones and wallets are prone to getting flicked away or even getting stolen; making it harder to identify the victim, further obstructing the witnesses on scene from informing the appropriate people.

Bringing the victim to medical attention WELL WITHIN TIME is another hurdle as the first responders on scene have the tendency to show reluctance, acknowledging the high treatment costs that incur upon admission of the victim.

In cases of fatal injuries, availability of the medical history of the victim multi-folds the chances of survival. Ironically though, the trouble of arranging the medical history multi-folds as well.

myResQR’s team is dedicated towards eliminating the delay factors mentioned above by building a database that will help save lives by providing accurate, up-to-date and complete medical information about the victim at the point of care, at the right time.

With barely a smartphone and a basic internet connectivity, information can be pulled up throughout the globe, within seconds of scanning the code.

Who needs myResQR?

People with Medical History

Medicine is a labyrinth of uncertainty and probability, within which is a certain aisle of the victim’s medical history leading straight to the center, the victim’s life. Medical histories play a vital role in devising the course of life-saving treatment. Hence, it is vital for people with pre-existing ailments, to carry their medical history with them at all times. Since, the same would not be practically feasible, being under MyresQR’s cape covers it all

Travellers On Road

They say, a person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it. Irrespective of the road he chooses to take, unforeseen circumstances stay unforeseen. People from each and every aspect of life are expected to commute on a daily basis; collaterally building a potential for medical emergencies. Being under MyresQR’s cape increases the chances of survival in such cases.

Senior Citizens

Who doesn’t want to sit back on a rocking chair at 84, and admire the ride their life had been. Although at 84, merely walking down the road and buying milk would be a well-planned adventure, and adventures are constituted of risks and unexpected turns. Being at such a vulnerable age puts one at a constant risk of medical emergencies; consecutively requiring him to be under constant surveillance. Being under the cape of MyresQR obliterates all the worry that accompanies aging, and gives a sense of relief.

Sports Enthusiast

To sportsmen, recovery from minor setbacks is the key to an epic comeback. A sport enthusiast’s appetite for practising harder takes him to unusual surroundings, increasing the individual’s exposure to risks of accidents and injuries. In events of misfortunes and tragedies, victim’s rate of recovery depends on the quality of treatment he receives. Being under the cape of MyresQR ensures an efficient and hence good quality treatment, consecutively aiding a faster recovery, and eventually contributing to the epic comeback.

College Students

College life is a journey where students tend to get carried away at times and end up in mishaps. There is a particular aura of carelessness that accompanies the college students that usually discourages the passersby from helping, making it of even more importance to ensure appropriate just-in-time medical attention to the victim students. Provided that college students often move out of their home for studies, informing their relatives gets even more laborious. Being under MyresQR’s cape takes care of all the laborious work and helps save lives that build our future