Road Accidents and myResQR

Road accidents in India claimed more than 1.4 lakh lives in 2017.  Medical emergencies cause 27% deaths in our country. But these are just statistics that we read, reflect and move on. For we never imagine us or any of our loved one to be involved in this. Thinking of such possibilities sounds too pessimistic to us. Aren’t there enough things to worry about in life than preparing for such eventualities?

God forbid, but if one of us needs an emergency service while we are bleeding on the road, there are so few people who come forward to help. All we wish is that our family gets notified immediately and they can come to us as soon as possible.

When a person meets with an accident on the road and is rushed to the hospital, the doctors have no clue of his medical history. Is he a diabetic? Is he allergic to certain other medicines? Is he on some medications? So much time goes in getting these basic tests done before the actual treatment can begin. And in some cases where time is constrained, doctors do take a lot of quick decisions purely basis their experience, than scientific evidences. And not always the doctor succeeds.

It is not often we think of these situations. But it is only when a family goes through the trauma of someone needing emergency response in case of any such situation such as road accident, medical emergency, etc that untimely reaction becomes a regret for life. A comprehensive record of one’s health and medical history in conjunction with getting a timely medical care can go a long way in protecting us against casualties.

In that sense, the need of being aware of emergency response systems is like an insurance – you get it with the hope you never have to use it. But if you do need it, then you are covered.

Out of the approximately 400 road accident deaths everyday in india, almost half of them happen after reaching the hospital. The emergency doctors are often clueless about the pre-existing medical conditions of the victim and in the absence of any relative available to apprise them of any existing medical condition, the emergency doctors often resort to conducting time consuming medical tests and by the time test reports are given, its too late.

There are many products and applications in India that address the critical challenge of emergency care. One such product is myresQR is India’s only hybrid emergency response communication interface that bridges the gap of communication between an unconscious emergency/ accident victim and his family members, first responder and the emergency doctors. This is the only platform that works with or without smartphone, with or without internet and triggers an SOS to the registered emergency contacts within 15 seconds of submitting the information by the first responders or emergency doctors. This product provides prompt info to the first responders or emergency doctors about the medical conditions, medications and allergies of the victim so immediate treatment can be administered. At less than Rs. 3 per day (Rs. 999/- per year subscription), this is the most pocket friendly priced product that serves all segments of society. Its QR function works globally and is used by the globetrotting business executives. This is also used by professionals in sales/ marketing/ delivery professions. This also addresses the crucial age group of college going students who constitute for the maximum number of road accident victims.

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