Who needs myresQR

Travelers & people on road:

company executives, businessmen, field executives, sales, pharma executives etc. Traveling and being on the road means that one is outside one’s comfort zone a lot. MyResQR comes to the rescue in case of any accidents, mishaps or sickness, regardless of one’s location. All the necessary information can be made available within seconds after scanning the collaterals or receiving a call. Health and well-being of business travelers is the responsibility of their company. Rounding up of resources in a strange far-off location can be a daunting task. Trust MyResQR to make this process easier and more streamlined. MyResQR has been proven to work anywhere across the globe with a smartphone and basic internet connectivity.

People with medical conditions:

Some examples are Diabetes, Hemophilia, Dementia, Implants, Insulin, Allergies.We all can use a friend like MyResQR. But for people with specific or life-threatening medical conditions, MyResQR is indeed a friend in need. For example, having diabetes drastically changes the course of life-saving treatment in a medical emergency. Implants in the body may change which tests can be administered. For example, pacemakers. Medications such as anti-coagulants have lasting effects on the body, so doctors need to know they have been administered. Allergies are sometimes life-threatening and proper care has to be taken to avoid exposure. For example, allergy to sulpha drugs.

Senior Citizens/ Old Age Pilgrims:

These are some of the most vulnerable in our society. Sudden trauma can cause confusion and disorientation etc. Instances of Dementia and life-style diseases are on the rise with rise in longevity. While on a pilgrimage, they are most vulnerable to accidents like stampedes etc and need immediate assistance and notification to the family members sitting in home towns.

Outdoor & Sports Enthusiasts:

Outdoor activities and sports require participants to travel. Injuries and accidents can happen anywhere. MyResQR makes sure that all necessary information is readily available in such cases, even if these people are not in their usual surroundings. These include athletes, cycling/biking, trekkers, runners etc.

College Students: