• India's 1st Hybrid Emergency Response Communication Interface
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MyResQR, India’s 1st hybrid emergency response communication interface, makes sure that you are identified and your loved ones are promptly notified about your emergency and location along with details of first responder and/or emergency doctor so they can take prompt action.

On your life’s ride, you might meet with an accident/emergency, MyresQR makes sure that your family and friends are alerted on your emergency with your location and first responder/doctor mobile number and your Emergency doctor is provided with your critical medical conditions promptly. MyresQR aims to become a ubiquitous symbol for and access point to just in time critical health information for Emergency victims, First Responders, The qualified medical professionals and family members who care for them. MyresQR provides qualified medical personnel, immediate access to patient’s essential and critical health information through innovative products and systems. Our utmost objective is to reduce the gap in communication between an unconscious accident/emergency victim and his stakeholders thereby reducing the TIME-TO-TREATMENT. We believe that there are good people in this world who want to help others in case of any emergency. But most of the time, they do not know what to do!

  • Do you remember your doctor’s name, your insurance info, supplements or medicines you are taking, any chronic conditions or allergies?
  • Do your loved ones have all this information on them?
  • How will First Responders get access to this information if you are not conscious?
  • How will you know when a loved one’s emergency information is accessed?
  • Can you keep your basic information available and sensitive information secure?
    Be prepared! No loved one should be without…

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