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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

Imagine a society, where an Emergency Response Team arrives at a scene before the meaningless spectator crowd gathers around with their cameras on, prepared to make the victim viral before bringing him to help. Helen’s words being accurately expressive of need of the hour; also form the foundation of our vision of this efficiency driven society. We realize that no individual is a superhero and that you don’t need to be one in order to save someone’s life. Hence, our team is dedicated towards building a community of such individual saviours. a community built on a barcode, myResQR, a community that’s a superhero in itself.


Resilient Communication with medical attention at finger tips.

Our Mission

Reducing repercussions of any unforeseen circumstances, by building an efficient and secure networrd of saviours and emergency response teams.


Leadership - Our leaders acknowledge the fact that what they do inspires and motivates their co-workers, and hence, constantly thrive towards setting and achieving newer goals and milestones.
Accountability - Accountability is not an option, neither to our team or our employees, nor to our founders. For accountability mixed with a tinge of courage and commitment, as we believe, is the key to success.
Integration - Along with innovation, money and commitment, the realization of the importance of building effective relationships is of utmost priority. For you grow faster and stronger when you integrate.
Agility - In today’s constantly evolving world, nimbleness is a necessity. Without which, even all the power and success in the world put together, would be mere momentarily.

We have it all covered for you.

Spare a few minutes now, to save a few when they really matter.

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