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Employees are the pillars of an organisation and we believe that their well being is the organisation’s responsibility, for tragedies are airborne in a way that they undermine the team’s hard work as a whole and trigger mental absenteeism in general.
Individuals through the levels of management are required to commute on a regular basis, nationally or internationally. Irrespective of the distance or time of travel, the odds might not always be in their favor. In such events of misfortune, myresQR’s, first of its kind, Code Red emergency solutions for organisations present across multiple cities/ nations, comes to rescue.
Code Red is a location based reflex notifier, built such that, in cases of emergencies involving the organisation’s employee(s), a scan of their barcode, along with authorities and their relatives, will also inform the organisation’s employees present in that particular city/area, further ensuring faster recovery

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Educational Institutes

By convention, college life is an empty box awarded to the youth to fill, with no practical, mental or geographical boundaries. The sudden freedom and exposure build a tendency in the students, of getting carried away.
Now, counselling all the individuals in the 18-25 age group, who account for fifty percent of the road accidents, will practically not be feasible. However, the cases of survival and quick recovery can be increased with myresQR’s global scan services. myresQR has plethora of prompt alert services devised especially for educational institutes, in order to equip them with emergency communication in cases of unfortunate events, irrespective of the victim’s location. Keeping in mind the diversity of cultures and lifestyles, the plans are customizable according to the institute’s requirements.

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According to Winston Churchill, we earn things to make a living, but what we give away makes a life. Corporates have been investing millions in CSR ever since it has been recognized as one of the only no-risk investments.
While sustainable development is in the spotlight of CSR, social services also take a momentous share. myresQR provides a platform for the corporates intending to contribute to the cause by distributing co-branded two-wheeler kits to the drivers in their cities, through our network of NGOs. Partnered corporates in this program get a live feed of real time benefits, allowing them to verify the calibre of the sponsored program. While implementing their responsibility of giving back to the community, this program also increases the corporate’s credibility during social audit of the firm.

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We, at myResQR, believe that there’s nothing better than contributing value to others’ lives, but have also realized that nothing can make people work harder than incentives can. So, keeping in mind both the aspects, we’ve devised a spectrum of reseller plans for interested (group of) individuals, with assured continuous growth and promising returns.
These plans cover a variety of businesses including Individuals, partnership firms, proprietorships, PLCs etc. who can promote through B2B networks, as well as through retail networks, i.e. to consumers directly.
To aspiring promoters and sellers, myResQR can be a source of repetitive income and at the end of the day, a deed done good. The reseller services are pretty cheap and can be started with a mere investment of 10K.

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